Top strategies for successful Change Management

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Change Management is the discipline that seeks to ensure that transition initiatives are successful and do not cause negative impacts to business. In this article, we are going to discuss some change management strategies. Click here for change management courses singapore.

 Set goals

Once the need for change has been identified, the first step is to establish the objectives. Starting from the current situation, what is the situation to be achieved in the future?

Identify and involve stakeholders from the beginning

It is necessary to understand who will be affected and in what way. What are the areas and collaborators involved? How does change impact customers? Also invite other areas and work teams. Present the objectives of the change and listen carefully to the placements to ensure that all aspects are covered by the initiative. That is essential for the change to happen successfully. Visit this site for change management courses singapore.

Use the communication in your favor

Notify those involved even before starting the process, even if the change is small. Through a simple and clear message, tell people when, where, how, who and mainly, why the change. Use the feedbacks received as another means to ensure that all aspects of the change are already planned. The communication process can occur through e-mails, newsletters, blogs, intranet, among others.


Divide deliveries

Work with the initiative in smaller pieces. Set different cycles for planning, requirements gathering, specification development, acceptance test execution, among others. Look with the interested parties for approval for specifications and prototypes. While the acceptance criteria are important for the initiative to evolve for the next stage, the split into smaller cycles allows validations and adjustments during the course of the project.