Ugears Modular Dice Tower: Perfect Gifts For Kids And Adults Alike


If you are planning on gifting something that is unique and challenging altogether then check out Ugears modular dice towers. It is a perfect gift for someone who enjoys tabletop games and is looking to spend their free time on something that is equally fun and challenging. It is perfectly natural as it is made from the natural wood and you don’t even need glue to assemble it making it completely safe and secure even for children. If you want to check it out then you can visit

How does it work?

The Ugears modular dice tower can be played by a total of 4 players as it consists of four different dice cups respectively for each player. The player that has its turn must put their dice cups on the tower top and must release dice by pressing the side button. You don’t have to worry about your dice running away or falling off the table as the front tray of the tower keeps dice from away.

If you want, you can include a greater number of players as 4 is not the hard-capped limit of the players that can play it. You can try out with different variations and reorganize your tower in such a way that it can easily accommodate a greater number of players to play together.


How much time does it require for complete assembly?

The difficulty level of this dice tower is “easy” as displayed by the manufacturer. So, depending upon your capabilities it could take around 1 to 3 hours to assemble it completely. If you skilled enough in it that you can even set it up under 30 minutes as all that need to assemble is precision and accuracy. Kids of age above 10 will simply love this game as fun and equally hard for them and it will require a lot of their time to get used to it. So, you can expect your kids to be glued with it for some time with worrying about them.

Order online and get discount

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So, if you are looking for a gift that will be equally good for kids and adults then order this amazing product now. Don’t forget to order it online and get a huge discount.