Best Telugu web series all time apart from movies on Aha

Best Telugu web series all time apart from movies on Aha

Aha OTT is now entertaining the Telugu audience with its unique programs and web series. Founded by Allu Arvind, the company has been working to attract the entire Telugu audience in the OTT sector. Aha Videos is trying to convert the highest percentage of Telugu people around the world to Aha Videos subscribers. In this order, the annual premium rate has also been drastically reduced, attracting Telugus. Let’s take a look at some of the best web series streaming exclusively on aha videos.


Sin, a web series that discusses social disgrace, conjugal assault. What happens when a deviant person gets hitched only for intimation ? In Sin, the director showed about the relationships in nowadays and also elevated the point of women empowerment.

Anand, who works in a women empowerment cell and furthermore a sick person gets hitched to Nandita, who comes to think about Anand’s goals toward in the beginning. Anand likewise has an extramarital illicit relationship with Nina, who doesn’t think about Anand’s conjugal status. Anand also keeps up this relationship only for his desires.

Sin is a brutal fact to take on what a small number of sick people are influencing the lives of honest people. The peak of this web series will give an exciting amazement. Sin is a decent marathon watch series as it has just 7 scenes with a short run time.

#Shit Happens

Shit happens could be a youth-based comedy-drama. Sri HarshaChemudu, popularly called viva Harsha has contended the lead role during this web series in conjunction with Sameer Malla and Tarun Shetty. Shit Happens is all regarding how an easy incident takes an unpleasant become and really shit happens in these 3 youngsters’ lives.

When college mates spite them by naming dry batch for not making an attempt at something fancy in their school life, they rent a hooker. Things take an unpleasant become while that hooker was found dead in their place. The twists and turns the story takes can provide you with a lot of fun. Shit happens will be termed as a short web series because it has solely five episodes of few film runtime.

GeethaSubramanyam 2020

While the web series has not yet boomed on Indian OTT market well, GeethaSubramanyam was a very big hit as a web series at YouTube, which consists 8 wonderful hit episodes in it. Still it is running very well at YouTube. As the tremendous success of this, ace producer Allu Aravind offered director Siva Sai Vardhan, who directed the original web series earlier to bring back Aha videos.

The web series concept mainly to expose the relationships of couples living together. What funny incidents, battles, crazy situations will happen when the younger couple live together are the main elements in this web series.

Karthik and Nakshatra played lead roles. It may be fit for family audiences along with youth to watch jointly.

Apart from the above said web series, there are wonderful Telugu serials onlinelike much entertained KothaPoradu, best thriller Locked, classy Masti’s, etc on Aha videos to provide best entertainment to all the age groups.