The Information Age has burst upon us, and channelized all Information in virtual storage on the World Wide Web (www), or just the Web. The URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) identify all documents and other web resources stored in the information system of the Web. URLs are accessible over the Internet, and may be interlinked by hypertext. To use information, Users must be able to locate useful, cogent and coherent information whenever they need to. Search Engines (SEs) help us to search out applicable and relevant Information whenever we require it.

SEs operates through the Backlink. The Backlink is basically a signal to SEs that others exist to support and vouch for the content located. SEs use multi-site linkage to confirm that the content is worth linking to. This is the permit for surfacing on a SERP (Search Engine Research Page). SERPs validate the content located by the SE, which it confirms through the Backlinks. Online Websites now exist whose sole duty is to provide dich vu backlink (in the Thai language, this means, “backlink service”).


The leading Backlink Service Provider in Thailand is EPIC. As a SEO (Search Engine Optimizer), EPIC SEO is without parallel for their trustworthiness, not just in Thailand, but all over South East Asia. Some of the invaluable services they provide are:

  • Consultancy on Development: The development of a selling service can be improved by leaps and bounds through the use of EPIC.
  • Setting Up Ads: The cost of labor can be reduced significantly through application of EPIC in setting up of Advertisements.
  • Design of Websites: The necessary consistency between Design and SEO is achieved through Daklak.
  • Social Brand Development: The tactics of EPIC allow for holistic development of websites in the direction of social development.
  • Ecommerce Mores: Selling on the Ecommerce sites involves special techniques, and need to be learnt from the experts like EPIC.
  • Extending SEO: 8 years in the industry have given EPIC powerful inputs and experience. So the training that EPIC can impart is quite invaluable.


This is the dich vu backlink provided so efficiently and reputably by EPIC