Instagram Target Audience – How to Do Proper Research?

Hashtags Trends

Research on Instagram target audience must be the first things when you are developing the Instagram strategy.

Just think about this.

  • To create good content, you have to know your followers want to see in the feeds.
  • For killer captions, know the voice they find relatable.
  • Checking the best time for posting, know when your targeted audience will be online.

Thus, to experience greatness of Instagram, it is important to know how Hot Clients tool will help you to understand your audience. Actionable insights in your audience’s preferences, interests, as well as behavior pave your road to the successful strategy on Instagram.

Begin with higher marketing personas

Suppose you are running an online business, probably you have the buyer persona: it is profile of a perfect customer that you would like to market the product to. The information must be reused while defining your Instagram audience —there is not any need to reinvent a wheel. Just let your marketing team to know about how you typical customer looks. Later, when you are digging in the Instagram analytics, you can add more detail and nuance to the customers’ profiles according to your social data.

Hashtags Trends

Check out your Instagram demographics

While starting the research, demographical insights in your Instagram audience will be very useful. Just go on your Insights of your Instagram app & click on Audience. And there you can see three fundamental statistics on the followers: gender, age, and location.

It is important when you would like to run the Instagram ads, as you can get the content about your Instagram audience just by using the data.

Stalking can be an important strategy

Stalking is something you must never do it in real life, it is something that is worth to do during the Instagram audience research. The good place is seeing who are those people who are following you — and want to engage with you.

Just click on the people who commented or liked your latest posts. You will end up over their accounts. Right from there, you will check what they are posting, hashtags they are using, or, interestingly, what type of captions that they write and language they use. Suppose you find your followers enjoy plenty of emojis, and abbreviations like YOLO or LOL, you will have to include these elements in your captions and make them sound relatable. This can give you the impression of what’s it that they want on Instagram.