Hr Compensation And Benefits: The Good and Bad

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Good -Many people see HR as only being there to manage payroll; but their role has increased exponentially over the years. They now focus on recruiting, hiring, training, leadership development & succession planning; all impacting your bottom line.

Bad – With so many new regulations (i.e., ACA) it’s tough enough just trying to keep up with them let alone make sure you’re compliant.

The hr compensation and benefits is one that often generates strong feelings in both the people who work in HR, as well as those they are responsible for supporting. With the recent economic downturn there has been a lot of negative attention focused on this area, with many employees feeling that their contributions are not being recognized or appreciated. On the other hand, companies have had to make some tough decisions about how to cut costs when it comes time to reduce staff numbers.

What is the future of hr compensation and benefits?

The future of human resource hr compensation and benefits is changing rapidly. With the increasing number of companies becoming global, social media has become a new way for employees to share their opinions about where they work. This means that employers need to be aware of how much money they pay their employees compared to other companies in the same industry, as well as make sure that these employees are happy with their jobs so they do not leave for another company.

With new technologies being implemented daily, organizations have to be prepared for how these changes will impact their workforce.