Cardboard Garden Ideas – Ways to Reuse Cardboard for Your Garden

Suppose you have moved recently, there’s something fun that you may do with the cardboard boxes that has filled your bin. Reusing those cardboard for garden offers compostable material, will kill weeds as well as develop the crop of earthworms. Using cardboard in your garden can lawn the grass as well as help you get the new bed set for the veggies, ornamentals and whatever you wish to grow. Let us read more about cardboard usage in your garden.

Using Cardboard in the Compost

If you are composting, you require brown matter (leaves, paper, sticks, and more.) than the green. Essentially, you want 25 to 1 ration. Cardboard comes in very handy here—it is the compost pile’s true friend! No matter whether you have got the compost pile or bin, the cardboard will be ideal brown material that you can have here. Break this down in the manageable pieces & throw in with other stuff. When it decomposes, it can add nutrients that your plants may love.

Using Cardboard as Weed Barrier

The cardboard, newspaper or other compostable materials are the easy and quick fix for the weed problems. In one growing season, one can reduce the weeds by over 75%. You just have to place pieces of the cardboard around your plants that you wish to protect and water immediately that will help your cardboard to stay at place.

You can add a little soil or mulch over the top to reinforce this. Cardboard may suppress the weeds & break down in the soil, and adding some useful organic matter

Final Words

Cardboard paper tubes are also the right shape and size for making small seed starter pots. Make some small cuts at an end & fold these flaps to make the bottom. Then add soil & plant the seeds.