4 Multipurpose Kitchenware That Saves Your Time And Effort

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Kitchenware is the important thing to form a complete kitchen. Kitchenware is the collection of tools, utensils, appliances, and cookware used in the preparation of food. It is also used as storage utensils to store the food. Here we will see a list of multi-purpose kitchenware used in Singapore.

Breakfast maker

No breakfast ends without soft-boiled eggs and kaya toast for the true Singaporean. Kopitiam-style breakfast is now possible and it can be made on your own with this 5-in-1 breakfast maker.

You can make your favourite egg breakfast in whatever way you like such as soft or hard-boiled, fried or streamed, the multiple attachments contained side fryer is there to cook your eggs and bacon.

The toaster has six heat dial settings to control the level of toasting. It is easy to clean and dry.

8-in-1 vegetable cutter

Become a master in a knife to cut the vegetable in thin will take years to do perfectly. There is no time for all to improve this skill.

But it is possible with an 8-in-1 vegetable cutter having two different widths shredder attachments. The other attachments are a potatoes cutter, an egg yolk separator, a spice grinder, and a colander.

Colander and chopping board

Instead of using multiple accessories for washing, straining, and chopping fruits and vegetables, if you are using a single item it makes your tiny kitchen cute. The collapsible colander is enough to do all.

Bottle shaped kitchen toolset

You might fill your kitchen cabinet with many items which may occupy the entire space. You can free up the cabinet with a single item which consists of many attachments such as egg yolk separator, measuring cup, fruit juice, cheese grater, egg masher, funnel, and cap opener.

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