Find Best P-Plate Car Rental, Singapore East

p plate car rental singapore

With money still short, travelling to work or other basic needs has become difficult for many. To resolve this, one can rent cars through car rentals – even those who have newly started driving or have just become authorised to operate as a probationary driver. For such newly officiated drivers, the p plate car rental singapore east has to offer may help a lot in their endeavour to find a suitable car as per their needs.

Renting a car for a fixed number of days can not only help in saving money for the renter but also give them an idea of whether they would like to buy such a car in the future or not; since a vehicle itself is hard to maintain as well, and may need special maintenance that everyone may not be able to do or afford.

What is a P-plate car?

A P-plate car is a car marked with a ‘P’ that stands for ‘probation’. This entails that the driver is a probationary driver and is newly qualified to drive by the authorities with a new driving licence.

Many rentals have different policies for probationary drivers, making it necessary to find such P-plated cars specifically for the purposes since not all rentals in Singapore allow newly qualified drivers to rent a car. This is mostly due to the risk of the probationary driver causing accidents with the rental car. And while the insurance or the rental contract itself may cover the expenses for such accidents, the loss of the rental car is still not favourable for the company.


In the end, if one has recently acquired their driving licence and is still not sure whether they would like to buy a car or not, renting a P-plate car is the best choice; the renter can use the car for their work and other needs while also experiencing the issues a car may have like need for parking space, maintenance and problems first-hand.