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Construction is not finished until all dust and debris have been removed. Ensure the cleanliness of your work site. Prepare your project for examination, inhabitation, and action. In construction clean up in Philadelphia, PA No matter how elegantly designed or built your new project is, building dust and trash may create a negative first impression.

Why is dust harmful to health?

Dust particles may be too tiny to see yet fine enough to breathe in at times. When breathed, it can become entrenched deep in the lungs, causing major health problems. The harmful consequences of dust can range from skin irritation to lung cancer, depending on the dust’s composition and the type and degree of exposure. According to research, dust poses a substantial health risk to construction workers since it includes known carcinogens and silica.

There are three types of building dust… all of them are harmful to one’s health:

  • Silica dust is sometimes known as RCS (respirable crystalline silica). When dealing with materials such as rocks, concrete, bricks, mortar, and sandstone, silica dust is produced. Silica dust is too tiny to detect with the human eye, yet it can infiltrate the lungs profoundly, causing lung tissue damage and leading to deadly or disabling respiratory disorders.
  • Wood dust is produced while working with softwood, hardwood, and wood-based materials such as MDF and plywood. Wood dust is a toxin that causes both cancer and asthma. According to the HSA, those working in the wood sector are four times more likely to get asthma than other UK employees. Hardwood dust and formaldehyde have both been linked to cancer, with hardwood dust producing a rare nasal cancer.
  • Low Toxicity. Dust is produced when dealing with materials that contain little or no silica. Gypsum (used in plasterboard), limestone, marble, and dolomite are the most prevalent.

Stratus Construction Solutions Construction cleaning experts:

Their franchisees and employees are glad to assist you in selecting from a variety of excellent services, such as:

  • Fixtures for polishing, vents, and lighting
  • Door and Frame Polishing
  • Window Cleaning and Polishing Baseboards and walls
  • Deep & Standard Carpet Cleaning
  • Strip & Wax VCT
  • Thorough cleaning Extraction of Ceramic Tile Grout
  • Sealing Ceramic Tiles
  • Entrances for Power Washing


A clean atmosphere will result in greater work, safety, and job assurance. Step up and acquire the best cleaning solutions for your personal or professional construction.