The Emergence of post construction cleaning

The Emergence of post construction cleaning

Have you ever wondered if the floor was as clean as it looked? Most people just assume it is, but take a closer look at the ground. If there are stains, dirt or grime that you can see then this likely means there are bacteria too. The post construction cleaning in louisville team of experts will use our professional grade equipment to make sure your home looks spotless and is a safe environment for your family and friends.

How It Works

Professional post construction cleaning removes unwanted dirt, dust mites, allergens and other contaminants from your home’s interior after construction has been completed on any room in your house (including hallways).

Additionally, the professional cleaning will clean and sanitize the air ducts, grout lines and baseboards to ensure your home is free of any unwanted conditions.

What’s included?

  • Air ducts, vents and dryer vents will be cleaned.
  • Grout lines, baseboards, and other areas of the home will be sanitized.
  • Your home will be spotless

By having your new home professionally cleaned after the construction is complete you are ensuring that you and your family have a safe environment to live in. Cleaning up after construction can be time consuming as well as dangerous; therefore our post construction cleaning process is quick and efficient meaning that your home will be thoroughly cleaned in about 1-2 hours (depending on the size of your home). The technician uses professional grade equipment to make sure that no dirt or dust will remain in their wake.

Standard Cleaning

There are many reasons for having your home cleaned after construction is complete, but the first thing to consider is will you take advantage of the awesome deals that are available when you do this? Of course you want to keep your newly renovated home as clean as possible, and one way to ensure that you do is with a post construction cleaning. To be specific, our professional cleaners will go through the following areas in your home:

Air Ducts/Vents

The air ducts in your house can be a very hard place for dust mites to get a hold of so it is important that these areas are cleaned out. The air ducts in your home are responsible for making sure that your house smells good and that you have clean air to breathe. A lot of times the air ducts get dusty and dirty, which can cause a discomforting odor to come around. Having the air ducts and vents cleaned will help to keep this from happening and ensure that you have fresh air coming into the home (and out of the home too).

Dryer Vent

After construction has been completed on any part of your house it is important to make sure that your dryer vent is cleaned so that no unwanted lint or dirt gets into the dryer itself.