How Do Hemp Products Offer A Discreet And Odorless Option?

Hemp products can offer an easy and discreet way to test your cannabis tolerance without letting others know that you are as high as a kite. In addition, these products are good for the environment by using less natural resources than cloth or paper alternatives and currently has no health-related drawbacks. Here are ways on how hemp products offer a discreet and odorless option:

Hemp products look like fabric, but don’t act like it

Used to make clothing, towels and beddings, hemp from Elevate is a natural fiber that has the look and feel of linen. Hemp is an all-natural fiber that no pesticides or chemicals were used to grow it. With the look and feel of cloth, hemp is an easy fabric for people to use when smoking. It’s should be noted that hemp does not stink like regular fabrics. Currently, hemp products are suitable for all ranges of health-related uses and don’t cause any negative side effects.

Hemp products last a long time

Unlike clothes or sheets which will soon start to smell after you’ve worn or washed them, hemp products don’t require much maintenance. Hemp beds are a good example of how hemp improves your sleep. Added with their natural odor, it’s no surprise that hemp products last much longer than fabric-based alternatives.

Hemp products don’t produce as much waste

Unlike fabrics that are made from paper or cloth, which can make a lot of waste when degraded, hemp doesn’t require a lot of resources to grow it. When hemp fibers are used for making clothes or sheets, only minimal resources will be consumed. A lot less waste will be generated from the hemp materials than from alternatives such as paper and cloth.

Hemp products can last for a long time

Compared to cotton clothes, hemp fabrics are more durable and are able to last for a longer period of time. In general, cotton clothing is not as durable as hemp fabrics as it tends to get torn after short-term use. The fabric is not as good as hemp fabrics and requires a lot more upkeep. Hemp fabrics though, can last for a long time and require little maintenance.

Hemp products are good for the environment

As stated previously, hemp products use less natural resources compared to other fabrics such as cotton or cloth. The growth of just one acre of hemp can produce enough energy to power an entire family car for an entire year. In addition, it takes about 10% of the energy used to make paper or plastic to craft hemp products.